February comes with another volume of bank credit card offers streaming into the mailbox. Consumers find it hard to deal with the papers being delivered into their mailbox, and together with the post-holiday bills, it is a big headache. But what are the banks now up to with these credit card offers? Oblivious, they are trying to win you to be a loyal customer with them, and they promise all kinds of offers, which range from cash advances, cash back on quarterly or annual basis, tie-ins with bank branches, online payment apps, free and discounted merchandise, rewards, and gift cert., and the list goes on.

Apparently, all these offers all look similar from different banks. What this means is that banks are trying to be more personalized as a way to win customers to use their products. Being personalized creates a special attachment and relation with the banks. This is seen as an effort to try to differentiate the different programs offered by the banks.

It is also seen as a way of bringing the card marketing costs to a manageable level. Banks have even begun building customization into their promotions. You may not be surprised that some banks are allowing their customers to customize the design of their cards. Instead of having the illustrations with bank logos on the cards, there is a do-it-yourself card design feature, which allows the customers to come up with the kind of design they need for their card.

Banks are allowing cardholders to create their own design of cards, which match their personalities. One good example is the Capital One, which offers designs of cards with images. The images can range from artistic to patriotic or even cartoon characters. Other credit card design choices offered by Capital One include use of insignias of different charities paired up with points, which customers can convert into donations or cash, following the credit transactions.

Another type of personalization in credit cards is being witnessed in the BMW Financial services. This company offers its Mini Cooper owners a Visa card with a picture of their card model and color using a digital imaging application. These cards, of course, come with a car-use reward program. The motorists are awarded multiple points for any driving-related purchases they make such as in gas and tolls.

The Bank of America previously had a Visa, which was tailored for the pet lovers, but the program was cancelled. The program offered points to pet owners who purchased pet food at selected affiliation stores with Hill’s Pet Nutrition. The card also attracted discounts for any visits of the pet owners to participating veterinarians or pet clinics. Interestingly, the cardholder could be able to put the picture of his or her pet on the card using a digital uploading system.

It seems that card issuers are determined to win the loyalty and attention of their customers by giving them the opportunity to put what they love on their card designs. Such personalization is actually more than just the images as other card issuers allow features such as online allowance and household chore tracking system.