Best New Gas Rewards and Points Credit Cards Reviewed Daily For Top New Offers

How to Choose the Best Auto and Gas Rebate Credit Card

With the price of gas these days, a rebate credit card specifically for fuel can go a long way in helping you manage the cost of getting around. While each card has its own rewards, you want to make sure you pick the gas rebate credit card that gives you the most mileage.

Best New Auto and Gas Rewards Credit Cards

Compare Available Cards

These cards generally offer between one and five percent cash back, and sometimes even a little more. Examine the terms and conditions of the ones available to you, and choose the best overall package, rather than basing your decision on one factor alone.

Look For a Card That Fits You Well

Certain cards will give you money back on fuel purchases, and throw in other incentives on non-fuel purchases. Some impose a minimum spending before you are eligible for the rewards, and most of them cap-off your bonuses according to a specific set of criteria. Analyze the rewards offered, and compare them against your expenditures for the past few months. Do you usually buy a few extras when you fill up? Would cash back on fuel enable you to get out more? Do you meet or exceed the minimum spending requirements on a regular basis? Match the best card up with your spending profile in order to maximize the benefits of your new gas rebate credit card.

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Make Sure All Your Stops Accept the Card

While you may think a card can be used anywhere, restrictions may apply. Check before you consider any gas rebate card seriously; some can be used in restaurants, or virtually anywhere, and still others are more selective about where you can charge them. It is particularly important for you to verify the terms of the rewards with what and where you purchase, otherwise you may not reap the full benefits of the card. If you travel often, see that the major stops on your route(s) will welcome the new card as well.

Ask Questions and Read the Fine Print

Find out if an annual fee applies to your preferred card, as well as what the interest rate will be. Some gas rewards cards can be used exactly like regular credit cards, so if you are interested in transferring a balance over from other cards, inquire about possible fees for that. In the event that your new gas card will be used strictly for your vehicle’s needs, keep the terms simple, straight-forward, and as scrupulous as possible.

Find the perfect gas rebate credit card for you, and you feel like you won the lottery. Gas is a necessary evil, the price of which seems to know no bounds. Conduct your research thoroughly, and make sure you get your hands on a great card that fits your needs perfectly, and keeps you fueled for less.

Updated January 2016 – Your Source For The Best Gas & Auto Credit Card Offers in 2016