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Guide to finding best rewards credit cards

Many credit cards promise you the moon and stars when you first sign up for them, but soon fall short of your expectations. In order to obtain the most from your rewards card, you need to look carefully into what each one offers, then find the one that works best for your shopping habits.

Best New Rewards Credit Cards

Zero Percent Introductory Rate

Many rewards cards offer you a zero percent interest rate for an introductory period, which can be very useful. If you carefully plan your transactions, you could use this time to consolidate debt with the intent of paying it down quickly. Or if your debt is in good shape, use the zero percent for a big purchase, and make timely payments to avoid heavy interest. Be aware of the exact date the introductory rate will end, however, as you don’t want to get caught off guard with the higher interest charges when they kick in.

Cash Back Rewards

Who doesn’t love to be rewarded with money, for buying the things you already need and love? The best rewards cards will pay you back every year, in one lump sum representing approximately one percent of your total expenditures. This type of card is very suitable for those who don’t travel, and wouldn’t benefit from a rewards type program that focused on earning miles. Cash back is also very easy to keep track of, and redemption requires little to no action by the card holder.

Redeemable Points

If you typically enjoy annual vacations, or intend to travel at some time in the future, a rewards card that features redeemable points will definitely work to your advantage. These cards tend to appeal more to those who do not carry a balance from one month to the next. Also, most offer options in terms of the advantages you will be awarded, such as flat reward rates, or bonus categories that vary.

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Keeping It All In Perspective

No matter how amazing a rewards card offer may be, it’s important to remember that the card should suit your needs personally, not just provide a lot of useless bells and whistles. You and your rewards card should be a match made in heaven, and one that keeps you financially healthy over the long-term. When examining the terms of a perspective card, apply them to your budget in a year or so. Ask yourself if the card serves your interest above and beyond the special things it provides; there’s no point in earning rewards if the card puts you in a compromising financial position in any other way.

Once you’ve found the best rewards credit card for you, shopping should become even more pleasurable. Every little thing that you get in return for buying will make the hunt for your new rewards card well worth it in the end.

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