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Credit cards serve a fundamental purpose in life, we all know that, but some cards cater to a person so specifically, you just can’t do without them. Travel and airline rewards cards are a prime example: If you travel often, one of these cards simply must occupy a space in your wallet. Finding the most suitable card may require a bit of consumer snooping on your part, however; it will be well worth what you reap in terms of perks.

Best New Travel Credit Cards

What Is Your Autograph Worth?

Signing up with a rewards card can mean tens of thousands of bonus miles instantly. You may have to meet minimum spending requirements, but if you are a travel bug, such an arrangement could really work out well for you. Some cards give you miles for dollars, when you spend them with a particular airline, laying the groundwork for your next trip before you’re even finished with the first. Look carefully at the sign up bonus programs, and weigh their impact on your finances over the long-term too.

What Are You Really Paying?

While instant rewards may get your adrenaline pumping, it’s important to consider what else is going on with the card. What will your APR look like after the introductory rate? Is there a significant annual fee imposed, once the honeymoon is over with the new card? Also, it’s very important that you actually intended to spend the money on the things that will earn you rewards anyway; if you start buying things simply to satisfy the card’s bonus requirements, you may be wasting a whole lot of money.

What About Expiration Times and Other Restrictions?

The bonuses you earn may only be redeemable during low-peak travel times. This can easily work to your advantage if you plan well; crowds will be thinner, and lines will be shorter, easing the wait and hassle for you and your traveling companions. However; sometimes you are restricted to the point where coordinating a trip becomes a serious headache. Know this in advance, and determine how and when the card will reward you, including being aware of expiration dates on bonuses, and any applicable fees you may be responsible for.

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Is This Seat Taken?

Unfortunately, once you’ve earned all those frequent flyer miles, you may be limited in your use of them. A lot of airlines reserve a small number of seats for this purpose, making it very difficult to get a seat where and when you intend to go. If you’re not sure how a particular rewards card will perform when getting you your desired seat, check online message boards on travel sites. Real people will have no problem telling the world which card and airlines work for them.

Traveling made more affordable is simply irresistible! Take the steps necessary to discover which travel rewards and airline credit card will empower your savings the most, and get packing! The card will give you plenty of incentives to take that vacation you’ve been dreaming about, while saving you money, and building your good credit at the same time.

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