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Guide to finding best zero percent credit cards

Which Zero Percent Credit Card Is Best for You?

Paying no interest on a credit card sure sounds appealing, but it’s not as cut and dry as it sounds. You’ve got to be quite a snoop in order to find the best zero percent interest deal, and very diligent thereafter about each and every detail. If, however, you are wise in your ways, this type of card can literally work miracles for your financial situation.

Best New Zero Percent Credit Cards

Make Sure You Qualify

You aren’t guaranteed to qualify for a zero percent interest offer just because it happens to land in your mailbox. Keep in mind that the company with the most appealing offers in terms of zero interest will scrutinize your credit rating fiercely. While you may not be qualified for the advertized interest, this fact may not be obvious. You could end up falling into another category, and being charged more than you expected. Most offers have exclusionary clauses with fine print attached reading: For those who qualify.

Search With a Purpose

Simply looking for any card that offers zero percent interest may not be wise; the card must work for you in other ways as well. Consider all the terms, such as flexibility in payments, annual fees, and possible penalties involved. Ultimately, all elements play into whether or not the zero percent interest advances your financial position.

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Plan Your Spending Wisely

Prepare to make the most of your zero percent interest period by managing purchases, restructuring debt, and knowing when the most advantageous terms will expire. For example, once your new zero interest card is in effect, make a major purchase, and pay it off quickly. This maximizes your benefits, without accruing additional debt. If debt is in fact an issue for you at the time, consider transferring it from higher interest cards to the new zero percent deal. Whatever you do, don’t procrastinate acting in your own best interest when the no interest is available.

Look Before You Leap

Just because a card offers the incentive of zero percent interest doesn’t automatically mean it’s a good deal. If you will be required to jump through a lot of spending hoops, for example, that you wouldn’t ordinarily agree to, the card simply is not worth your while. Also, avoid applying for multiple cards at once, as this can mean your credit rating takes a negative hit. Instead, find and focus on the best zero interest card available to you.

A zero percent interest credit card has obvious and not so obvious benefits. While the immediate savings is a huge plus, the long-term impact on your financial health can be extraordinary. Consider the no interest a grace period, and take advantage of the opportunity to strengthen your own personal economy, putting you that much further ahead.

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